1: A Jerk I Knew

The day was normal, by standards, anyway. I woke up in the morning and dressed in the school uniform, a black mini skit and a white uniform shirt with a black bow. I stared at myself in the mirror. My long, golden blonde hair was let down to my knees. I rolled my eyes in disgust. I pulled my hair into two low ponytails, which lie on my shoulders patiently. My icy blue eyes looked at me; I brightened my face with a smile. My light skin tone made people think I was American, and my voice made them think it too. Because, I had to accent from where I was born, distinguishing me as an American. But, in reality I was born in Balos, Crete, Greece on August 24th, midnight, 1996. I shook some wondering thoughts out of my mind and grabbed my small, one shouldered black bag. I painted my nails quickly and slipped on my black high top converse and white knee length socks.

I opened the door and walked out of my room. I strolled down the carpet staircase and made my way to the kitchen. Lex was at the stove. Wait, let me pause here for a second, Lex is my guardian. She has taken care of me ever sense I was three. My parents had died in a fire and she had taken me in with open arms, because she had known my parents very well. I had always been awestruck by Lex's kindness. No matter how much trouble I had dragged myself into, she always seemed patient and always said that I should not have been the one to get in trouble. Lex has midnight black shoulder length hair and light blue eyes. Her skin tone is light like my own. She was short and yet she was curved, but then again, so was I. At the moment Lex wore an Ocean World t-shirt with some light blue jeans. Above her Ocean World t-shirt was a pale blue apron. She looked out at me and smiled. "Good morning, Demitra. Did you sleep well?"

I nodded. "Like a goddess, Lex. How about you, Lex?" I asked her, my voice kind to her ever existent smile. She never seemed to lose that smile from her face. A kind motherly smile that promised an unspoken promise.

She shook her head. "Not too well, Demi." She paused and flipped the omelet in the air. "I had a headache. It was very bad and I kept on remembering Toya."

Toya... I hadn't heard that name in a while. But I remembered very well who he was. Toya had been raised with me by Lex. He had always been two years older than little me, and at least forty feet taller... Yes that was a little farfetched, but he was tall even for a five year old. Toya had a gruesome birth mark across his chest. It was exactly a birth mark, but it marked his birth. It was a long thin shape, much like what you see when a lightning bolt hits the earth. It would start to burn and hurt him at times when Toya couldn't control his anger. Toya had taken care of me. When Lex was sick, he took care of me. He had grown to be more than a friend. But then on my eleventh birthday, Toya was gone. No note, no nothing. I was sure he was dead, and had cried to Lex to find him, threw a tantrum when Lex said he had gotten old enough to take care of himself, and almost ran away looking for him. I had given up looking for him or remembering him, because it was too much of strain. When I'd remember him I'd remember how he'd left us alone. "What about Toya?" It sounded like a hiss from a snake, violent and powerful.

Lex smiled, and put my omelet on my plate. She turned back and toasted some French bread on the stove as she had done with the omelet. "Oh, just a wonder. I still wonder where that boy went-"

I shook my head, taking the plate. "He's not a boy." I sighed and shook my head; I stared down, "He must be a man by now."

Lex laughed. "Of course not, he was only two years older than you were." She looked over at the calendar on the wall. "Today is..." She stopped smiling and narrowed her eyes, then they turned huge, "April 21st. Toya's birthday."

"He's turning sixteen today." I said looking away.

Lex grabbed the bread; I slipped the omelet in between the two slices of bread. I ate the food, munching on the breakfast, ignoring Lex's change of topic. I was still wondering what happened to Toya. Where had he gone? Why did he leave without saying goodbye? Why?

I got up when my phone was called. "Hello?" I answered.

"Hey, D," Roxxane, my best friend, said on the other line, "We'll be walking to school together right? Because Pallas wants to know?" Pallas was Roxxane's guardian. She too had been orphaned by a fire. At least, that's what they tell us.

" 'Course, Roxy. Meet you here." I said and hung up after hearing her say bye.

I took one last bite from my breakfast and went out the door, waving goodbye to Lex and Winter. That reminds me, Winter is my pet dove. A dove I found one time when Roxxane, and some other friends and I were having a Night Hunt in the woods outside the houses. Now that we lived in America it was harder to do the Night Hunts (Roxxane too was born in Greece, she is an hour older than me) but we still had a wooded area outside of our houses that was large and could be easily used for the Night Hunts.

Riko stood outside the door. She wore her black mini skirt and her silver chain hung down her skirt. Her usually messy hair was now combed to one side all together, making one side seem bald while the other had plenty of hair. Her single blue streak stuck out perfectly. Her hair was pitch black, and her eyes? A really dark brown, that when you got closer, seemed to appear darker. Instead of the bow she wore the tie. She had a black backup, which she held with only one side. She nodded her head at me. "Yo, D." Her skin tone was light brown.

I waved at her, my light pink nails dazzling. "What's up, Rik?"

Riko shook her head. "Never call me that again, D."

I walked over to her. "But, it's a nice name." I paused, "For a guy that is." I laughed hard.

Riko shook her head, still frowning. "Nope. Don't see it." Riko was my second best friend. We were always together, though she was very much punk while I was more preppy and more of a beauty queen than you.

I shrugged. Roxxane came up the sidewalk and looked over at us. Roxxane wore the same uniform. She wore gloves, which had been cut at the fingers, and she only wore one, in dark black. Her floor length black hair was streaked with two colored streaks, blue and red, earning her the title Firework. Her eyes were black, a lighter black than most but it was black. Her skin tone was pale. While she was very much Goth, she was still kind and willing to help others, that deserved to be too helped.

We walked to school and before long we were in first period. I stared around the class, I had a feeling something was going to happen, but I didn't know what. So, I kept looking. My eyes trailed the room, even to the back where the cutest boy in school, Michael, sat. Yet, this time I wasn't as excited to see him as you might think I should've been. I neglected his presence and kept looking. Math was a drag for me, and math was my first period, yet I still got an A+ in that class as well as Roxxane.

I turned to the front of the room when the teacher walked in. "Class," Mrs. Mike said, "We have a new student. He isn't from here so please treat him with respect. I am not quite sure if he speaks English or not, or if he speaks at all. He didn't seem to want to talk to me. Oh, well," I got excited again. I had a good feeling. And it was a good feeling! "Please come in Mr. Haden."

The door opened. A tall boy, at least seven feet walked in. His eyes were completely black. Midnight black. His hair was pitch black and tossed to the side, revealing the dark eye shadow he had on. His nails were painted black, and something red ran down his lips. He wore skinny black jeans and a black tank top covered up by a black jacket. The black jacket was opened revealing of course what were the black tank top and a black key necklace. His skin was pale and his stare was black and dark. Yet, there was so many information you could read from his eyes. For instance, he had violence and cruelty in his eyes, but his eyes were also dark and compassionate.

I just stared gaping. Mrs. Mike pointed for him to stand in front of the class. "Can you tell the class a little about yourself, Mr. Haden?"

The dude walked up to the front of the class. He looked around than locked eyes on me. He looked around the class again and began to talk. "My name's Toya." His voice was deep and familiar. He then nodded his head toward me. "Demi knows me."

I looked at him. I stood up and pointed at him furiously. "Yeah, I know you. You're a jerk that left on my birthday without even saying good-bye."

Toya looked at me, he cocked his head to one side. "But it's my birthday, Dem, you can't leave on my birthday." His eyes locked on me.

I squinted. "Watch me." I stormed out, pushing the chair hard into its normal position. Toya grabbed my arm before I could leave. He dragged me through a swirling current of stars and a picture of an island. Riko and Roxxane jumped in after me. "Let go of me you jerk!" I yelled at him.

He dropped my arm. We were standing on an island. It was hard to explain, I was sleepy and suddenly fell into a strange dizzy coma, I touched the ground, or at least, I thought I did. Then before long I was asleep.

2: A New... Home?

I dreamt very clearly about it. The dream was rounding around the first year I spent with Toya Black Haden. I had fallen asleep and it was probably midnight when Lex came to my door waking me up. "Sweetie," She whispered, "Someone's here to meet you."

I got up out of bed slowly, still a little bit sleepy but excited to meet someone new. I looked at myself in the mirror. My golden blonde hair was up in two pigtails and my icy blue eyes looked light and sleepy. At my bangs, I had none, just some stray hair here and there that went freely yet stayed in one place. The mirror was made out of mahogany stone carved with elegant carvings of myrtle trees and beautiful woman picking flowers from gardens, and men baring water from rivers and lakes. It was a quite beautiful mirror, though the glass which I looked at myself in was not as impressive. It was the reflection mirror of any type of regular mirror. I looked at my bed in the mirror. The sheets were golden. It was a small twin bed with another next to it, a couple feet away was the difference. The blanket, which I covered myself in cold nights, was a pale color. All of my clothes were in Lex's room, because Lex didn't have enough money to buy me my own separate drawers.

I turned away from the room and yawned one time. I opened the door and skipped into the hallway of the house. Then I skipped to the living room. Lex was standing at the door; the door was closed and locked. She turned to me and smiled. "Hello, Demi." She pointed her hand to the door. "I'd like you to meet someone."

The door opened and in walked a little boy. His eyes were completely black, no white areas or anything. He wore black skinny jeans and a black t shirt. I was short because I was three years old, but he must've been older than me, because he was so tall. He had a black umbrella, folded, in his right hand. His hair was midnight black. He looked over at me and so did Lex. Lex smiled and said to me, "Demi, this is Toya. He will be living with us from now on. His parents don't want him. Please be nice to him, Demi, he has been through a lot."

I smiled brightly and looked at him. He was tall and cute. I skipped over to him and shook his hand, which he had stretched out for me. When I shook his hand I realized he wasn't that tall, or that short. He was the size of two ME’s on top of each other (I was 2 feet tall exactly, making him 4 feet). He looked at me, "I'm Toya Haden, nice to meet you, Demi."

I smiled. "Nice to meet you too, Toya."

I woke up; I didn't want to dream about it. Not anymore. When I woke up I found that I was in a dark room. The room wasn't exactly dark or anything really. The walls were painted completely black, but you saw no whites, no edge of the room, nothing. And the planets were painted on the wall as well, but you could see no whites in the colors, nothing. But the most surprising part was that the planets and stars and galaxies were all moving together. I stared in awe. The bed was strange, it was like a group of stars under me, but I didn't know why, it looked like a normal bed. It was a really soft bed, and the sheets and blanket were black with stars on them. The mirror was across the room, it looked like the mirror was floating in midair. But I knew very well it wasn't. Oh well. I got out of bed and I felt like I was walking through space, it felt like there was no floor, and I was sure there wasn't. I was wearing the same clothes I had worn to go to school the previous... what time was it? I looked around the room for a window but there wasn't one. The walls of the room changed all of a sudden. Instead of midnight black with stars and planets it changed to dawn light over a forest like field. Floating in the air was a clock. I got the clock and looked at the time. I was surprised. It was 2:00 AM.

I heard a whistle. It was loud and it was focused on me. It was meant for me. I heard a shout. I didn't understand the words but I ran around the room touching the wall. Than my hand squeezed around a door knob and I turned the door knob. The door opened and revealed an underwater hallway. The sides were like fish tanks. The water rippled on the side and fish and other water animals swam around. And not just on the sides but also on the roof and floor. I walked around the hallway was pretty clear to where it led. And there was a door at the end of the hallway, surprisingly; it was a normal wooden door. I turned it and looked down at some stairs, they led down and another set of stairs led up. The bottom ones and the top ones looked like normal marble staircases with nothing odd or different. I walked down the bottom stairs and stared down at the floor. The floor looked like an earthquake had passed it completely. But it was like the bare Earth, and a large crack goes right through it. That's what it had looked like. I tried to ignore the crack in the Earth and not step on it or fall into it. But of course I ended up stepping on it, I thought I was going to plummet to my death, but I didn't.

I walked through the hallway and finally made it to a large door. I still heard someone whistling. I found my bag on the floor beside the door, I picked it up. I ran out the door. The rolling green hills stretched out around me. I hadn't gotten a good look at the place the first time I had passed out, but now everything was clear. The green hills outstretched and in the middle of the island, a paradise of stores and other areas unfolded. I could see an outstretching castle made of golden crystal. As I started in awe at the castle, which was much like a Victorian mansion, someone whistled again. I turned around and saw Toya standing on the sidewalk outside the house I had come from, I hadn't moved far from it. I looked at him, and our eyes met. I felt bitter, and I was glad that I felt that way. "What do you want, Haden?" I asked my voice strong.

He was holding a black umbrella over his head, and he looked just about normal. Same pale skin, black hair, double ear piercings, and double lip piercings. His black eyes; they were darker then I had remembered. Even though I was furious at him his eyes made me stop thinking about it. His eyes weren't just true beauty; they were a true work of art. They had no whites, it was just completely black. Midnight black. His eyes had always been like that, seemingly emotionless, but full of struggle. Persuasive, but yet unwilling. Hateful... yet loving. That was a lot to say. They were so full of every emotion, so full of passion and full of wanting. I wanted to be like... to not be afraid of what came to him, to be able to protect everyone, no matter how cruel or mean they had once been to him. He was so beautiful... the way he talked, the way he walked, the way he acted, the way he smiled. Oh-his smile! The second thing that always had me in a trance, always, was his smile. Why was he so handsome? I snapped out of it when he began talking. "My name's Toya. Not Haden. Get it straight." He said. Even though he had planned on being rude in those words, I was dazzled by the majesty of his voice. Deep, and ran slender.

I flinched and didn't breathe for some time, until I realized I was holding my breath. I breathed and angrily looked at Toya. "Listen," I started, "Listen to me, Haden. I don't care what your name is. I don't care about jerks like you that leave someone without saying anything. So, leave me alone, Haden."

Toya was the one to flinch this time, at first making me think he was copying my actions, angering me. "Listen, Dem," He said, "I didn't actually want to do that, it's just-"

I was tearing up now, tears stung behind my icy blue eyes, threatening to fall. "What was it? What was it?! You just didn't think we were good enough to take care of you?! Did you think that after the time you spent with us, we would find it funny if you just got up and left?!?" I shouted. I didn't know what I was doing. I swear I didn't. Words were just spilling from my mouth like the way a waved pulled in after an attack on land; fast and angry. I said things that moment that I didn't mean. And I thought that Toya was being insulted, and I wasn't sure whether or not he was. I didn't care.

That's when he hugged me. He pushed me close to his body, squeezing me by the neck, almost as if trying to choke me. "Demi, love isn't to be played with. No matter how funny it is, it isn't supposed to be toyed with. Demi, if people love each other they shouldn't say mean things to each other. I'm afraid that if I say what I feel for you than you will begin to think knots of me. And honestly- I don't want that." Toya said, and he continued, "I really didn't want to leave; I didn't want to leave without saying goodbye. I didn't want to see your face when I left. The truth is Demi; I never had any thought in mind about leaving you. I didn't think it would be fair to leave you without saying this much."

I blinked, surprised, and started crying. Toya had never said that to me. At least not that I could remember. But now he was telling me this, and at the same time he was hugging me. What did I feel for Toya that I didn't feel for anyone else? Love. Toya cradled me with love, and I shouldn't have asked questions, or said mean things to him. But I couldn't admit I was wrong, or that I was sorry. I was stubborn, and that's how Toya liked it. Toya. I've always liked that name. I asked him a stupid question, "Toya," I started, "How come your mother is British, your father is Greek, your name is Japanese, and you speak in an American accent?"

Toya blinked and he looked down at me. "I have no idea whatsoever."

I laughed and cleared my tears away. "Alright, To," the way I pronounced "To", which was Toya's nickname, was more like "Toe" because when I was little I couldn't pronounce "Toya" as "Toe-ya", I would pronounce it as "Toe-yeah".

He smiled and picked me off my feet. "You idiot! We have to go to school now!" He shouted still laughing, but I had no idea when he had started laughing.

"School?" I asked, "But where are we?" I asked.

"Just follow me." He reached out to grab my hand; I flinched and moved away lightly, "Do you trust me?" He asked his voice almost clear to disappointment.

I looked at him, with one confused eyebrow, cocked up. "I do?" And then shook my head, as if ignoring my previous statement, and repeated myself, "I do."

He looked around for a second, and I got a good look at him, at Toya. His hair was midnight black and always seemed to cover one eye, mainly the right one. His nails were painted midnight black, and his wardrobe was odd for Toya. Instead of black skinny jeans and a black tank top or t shirt or sweater, instead he wore a Greek male tunic in black, with a silver lining. He wore the Greek shoes, and I stared, and almost began to laugh, if it wasn't for his emo face, I wouldn't have been able to take him seriously. His angular face made me gape, and sometimes even stare. It was surprising; I liked no one’s beauty but my own. But when I was around him... my heart would go in twists, my stomach would flutter, and my eyes would bubble. He was beautiful, and that was a lot coming from me. "Hey," He said, "Wake up!" Toya shouted.

I snapped back to reality, and looked at Toya. He was staring down at me with sharp eyes. "Come on," He said, "I have to take you to school, or else Zeus will kill me."

He started leading me through island-like place. I was distracted looking around. It was a beautiful place. Green hills rolled by, here and there, beautiful strange flowers grew. The flowers were multicolored and they looked a lot like a lotus. They had these strange curling little things, which, I can't really explain what it looked like, but it looked at bit like an extremely thin, and the seemed to be wilting almost. The flower itself was in fact beautifully living. I saw purple ones and green ones, red ones and pink ones, blue ones and maroon ones, black ones and silver ones. It was actually rather pretty to look at. I even tried to reach for one; it was one that had caught my eye. It was a beautiful golden lotus a lot like the others, but seemed to have a fuller form. The problem was it was on the leaf of a tree. I stared in awe, and I stretched up to reach it, but I couldn't, I jumped and jumped, but nothing. Then all of a sudden Toya grabbed it.

"Here you go." He said handing it over to me.

I took it with a light expression and cupped it in my hands. My eyes lit up. I loved flowers, actually, not that much. What I loved was the lotuses and how they were beautiful. But this one, this one was more beautiful than the normal ones. I stared at it and kept walking along with Toya, but I tripped suddenly, over something. Toya's hand grabbed me and pulled me back up. I stared at Toya, surprised. He was holding my hand, not letting go.

He walked me along, holding my hand the entire way. Toya's hand was cold and I wondered if his face was cold too. I just looked down at our hand; my warm hand squeezed his cold one. His hand was surprisingly soft, like mine. He looked down at me and smiled, I felt my face turn red. And I thought that moment would last forever when all of a sudden someone screamed, "TOYA!" It was a girl's voice, and she did not sound too happy.

Toya and I turned around and I watched as a purple haired girl came over to us. She looked emo and her hair was died completely purple, I wasn't sure whether or not her hair was naturally that color, but I didn't seem to care. Her eyes were deadly focused on me, and then they moved to Toya with a bigger group of true anger. She gritted her teeth, "What the hell are you doing holding that girls hand!?" She screamed angrily.

Toya rolled his eyes, "Calm down Raven." He said simply.

I looked over at Raven, to see what she would say, and she said, "Drop her hand!" She shouted, but Toya was reluctant to do it, and when she saw his reluctance she turned purple, and I don't mean her disgusting hair, "I said, DROP HER HAND!!!!!!" This time angrier than ever.

Toya dropped my hand, and I stared at my hand. Raven was angry. She wore a one sided Greek tunic in purple and purple tennis shoes. She had scars running up and down her arms from times of distress, times where she had cut herself. Her legs were scarred too, probably from the same reason. It was hard to tell who was more intimidating, Toya, or this chick. Probably Toya though. He had the beautiful eyes and the cruel smile, but aside from that, I knew very well that Toya was capable of anything when he was angry. Mainly from experience.

Raven and Toya began arguing, "Why were you holding her hand?!" Raven asked.

"She fell!" Toya said.

"Well you could've let go of her hand once you picked her up!" Raven paused, "Why didn't you do that?!"

Toya blushed, "I don't know!" He shouted back.

"I don't believe you! Do you like this preppy girl or something?!" She pointed to me, her finger in my face with an annoying stance.

Toya was red now; his eyes seemed to have fire coming from them, "I DON'T LIKE HER!!!" He said it so simply. With... he said it. He said it. I was confused.

I thought we felt the same way about one another. Didn't we? I felt the strange feelings for him! I felt love for him! Why didn't he feel the same way for me? I gaped, "You don't? Not even... a little? But, I thought, I thought we were more than friends... Aren't we? You don't like me...?"

I was walking back now, scared, stunned, and... Lost. I couldn't hold my feelings in. And, this, this was why I had been so rude to him! Tears ran down my cheeks and he looked at me, "No, Dem, that's not what I-"

I slapped him, "Don't you ever call me Dem again! Dem is the name my friends call me by!" I paused, "You are not my friend! And you never will be!"

He reached up and touched the mark on his cheek from the slap I had given him. He stared at me now. His black umbrella was above his head covering him from an inexistent rain. "But..." His voice faded away.

I turned around and ran, and ran, and ran. Crying the whole time.

But, before long, I ran into someone. I looked up to say sorry, and was surprised at what I saw. It was a young girl, her hair into pigtails, and her hair was curled. She looked cute, like a Porcelain doll. Except, her hair was white and so were her eyes. The little girl’s eyes were a lot like Toya's eyes, they had no pupils or any other areas, hers were just white. She had a sad look on her face, but a cute smile the protruded from it. I was still crying and that little girl cocked her head at me, "What's wrong miss?" Her voice was gentle and quiet; I was going to ask her to repeat herself, except the words became a little clearer to me.

I stood up straighter, and sniffled, "Nothing is wrong, little girl. Don't worry." I looked around and took the little girls hand, "Now, where are your parents?" I had stopped crying now and held the soft, cold hand of the little girl.

The little girl was pale and she wore a female Greek tunic, much like the one Raven had worn, except hers was in white. Hers was sleeveless and held up by a white gemstone. Bows held her hair up, and the bows were white. She was a cute little girl, and the cute little smile on her face made me forget my sadness, but she was cold. Her hand. It was freezing, a lot like Toya. The little girl reminded me of someone, but I'm not sure who. She looked around, and then back at me, "My mamas angry at my papa, my papa said mean things. My papa said he didn't love my mama, so mama ran away crying. My sissy went with my mama, and I just stood there, I wasn't going with papa. Papa doesn't deserve it. But, I want to be with sissy."

I blinked, "That's sounds an awful lot like what just happened to me. Except I don't have any kids." I was still holding the cute little girls hand, but this time with a little more thought in my mind, "You want me to help you look for your sissy?" I asked her, flipping a strand of blonde hair out of my face, my blue eyes making eye-to-eye contact with her white ones.

"Yes," She said a sad look in her eyes, "Pwease..." Her voice was a whisper now.

I made a weak smile to the little girl, "I'll try, sweetie," She held onto my hand a little tighter, her big eyes staring at me. She looked a lot like me, curly hair, big eyes, and a cute smile. I wondered who her parents were. Her mother must've been beautiful, and her father must've been very handsome, yet very cruel. I wonder what her sister looked like, and if her sister was as cute as her. Maybe not.

I walked her around, holding her hand the whole time, and pointing out people that looked old enough to be parents but she kept shaking her head and saying that they were too young to be her mommy. So, I started pointing out males and she kept shaking her head and saying her daddy was allergic to sunlight. That part surprised me, "What's your name, little girl?" I asked her.

She smiled up at me, "You should know by now." Her voice was so mysterious now, so... vacant. And she seemed to have curled her lips into smile; it was a smile that made me think of Toya. Who was this girl?

Then it hit me, something I didn't expect, a little girl stood behind me, watching me. I turned around and saw the little girl. She had the same eye types that the other little girl did, except hers were bloody red as well as her hair and dress. Unlike the other little girl, who was pale, this girl had light-orange skin, and a cold smile. Her red eyebrows were narrowed over her eyes and she cocked her head at me. I had a feeling this was the little girls sissy. They looked much alike, they wore the same dress in different colors, and they were the same height and seemed to acknowledge each other with smiling eyes. They ran to hug one another and then each smiled at me, the red one in her evil form, and the white one in her sad form.

The girls skipped away happily holding each other’s hand, and singing Family Portrait by P!nk. I just stared out looking at them. I wondered who could've birthed girls more perfect in Yin and Yan Chinese characteristics, (I mean that one looked sweet and good, while the other looked evil and mischievous). I stood there, wondering what their names were. As I stood there someone touched my shoulder. I looked up and saw Riko and Roxxane, "Hey," Riko said, her half bald head in the same style it was this morning... or last night... or... I don't remember!

Roxxane looked the same too, except her untamed her was set free, scraping the ground. I stared at them and Roxxane smiled, "Hey, D," She said, pausing to continue, "We have to go school here now." She pointed her hand around, introducing me to everything, even though I had already seen everything, "This is our new home."

3: Maybe Humans Are Better...

"You're kidding!" I said. My surprise, and anger, was growing. I flipped a large amount of blonde hair out of my face, my icy blue eyes focused on my best friends.

Roxxane reached out to grab my hand, "I'm sorry, Demi," She said, "But we can't go back to live with Pallace, or Lex, or even Nagashi. They can't help us." Roxxane was being honest, her voice, everything. Why was Roxxane telling me this?

"Why can't they help us?" I was tearing up, my body felt cold. "Did something happen to Lex?"

Roxxane and Riko looked at each other, sad looks in their eyes, Riko came over to me, she took my hand from Roxxane and looked into my eyes sadly, "Demi," She said, "Our guardians are gone. Nowhere in sight. Not here. Not anywhere. It's like..." She paused, "Like they never existed."

"W-w-w-w-w-w-w," I repeated, until it came out, "What?" I asked, my voice cracking and faulting. "B-b-b-b-b-but, where did they g-g-g-g-go?" I asked.

Another look at each other. They hugged me, a tight hug and I just blinked. "Demi," Riko said, "Let's just go to school, we can explain everything there."

I nodded; I wasn't prepared to cry, not again anyway. "K." I said.

They led me through a bunch of grassy hills and through a bunch of gardens that had multiple colors of flowers, the house that I had been in when I woke up was large and behind it were other houses with other kids coming out. And it seemed to be the same for everything else. I saw something glassy sort of move around in front of my house and seemed to go around all the other houses behind my own. Next to my house there was another one that was probably the same size, except there was only one of those, and that one was completely black and silver. I wondered who lived there, in such a dark house. I shrugged. On the other side of my house was a pink-like area with a bunch of pink lotuses and hearts floating around, I rolled my eyes. I hated lovey-dovey crap like that. Mainly because boys at my school would always appear to me with roses and love notes. I would smile and pretend I liked it, and at first I had, but I had gotten tired of all that kind of crap.

I started humming. "You'll probably move right through..." I hummed. The song was Paralyzer by Finger Eleven and I don't know why but I could imagine Toya singing it to me. I could see him yelling that lyrics at me. And I don't know why, even though he had rejected me, I still imagined us together. Maybe it was just my mind. I don't know. But to tell you the truth I really was still mad, "Me on my way to you! You'll probably move right through!"

Riko looked over at Roxxane, and then back at me, "Do you guys think Ryuske is here to? Some guys tried to take us yesterday and I haven't seen him sense. I'm not sure where he is. Do you guys think he's at school?" She asked. Riko and Ryuske were twins but Ryuske was a boy. They were related and Riko couldn't live without Ryuske. "I'm worried." He was older, Ryuske I mean. He was older than Riko by a couple seconds and they had looked almost identical.

Riko considered Nagashi her mother, always calling her mother. I on the other hand considered her as her guardian because I didn't think Nagashi was capable of making Riko and Ryuske. And you may think, what the hell does this have to do with anything? Well, it's important to me. I walked over to her, "I know you're worried about him, Riko, who wouldn't be?" I grabbed her hand, "But don't worry, I'm sure he's the one worrying about you. And, plus, Ryuske can take care of himself. He's a tough guy." I smiled.

Riko smiled, "Thanks, D."

I made a bigger smile cross my face, "You're welcome Riko."

Roxxane rolled her eyes with a smile across her black lips. That's when a large bell rang, "Shit!" Roxxane yelled, "That's the school bell c'mon!"

We started running. I followed them and a giant group of other kids as they ran to an overwhelmingly large looking place. At first I didn't know what it was then I started realizing what it was. It looked a lot like a castle, with at least eleven other ones all around. One had a giant number 1 on it, and another one with a giant 2, and it kept going on like that. I counted 12 in total. I thought it was a group of palaces, because it looked just like that. But, on the contrary, they were schools. I looked around, the sun was up. Just coming up though. Riko turned around and shouted, "Come on, Demi! Stop describing crap in your head and run!"

I gave her a smirk look. Riko knew very well that I had been describing every part of the "schools" and I was still thinking about how to describe it. I ran a little faster this time, following Riko and Roxxane who kept running, such speed they made the dirt fly. Roxxane had always been the slower of us three, and Riko had always been the fastest, I had been able to catch up with Riko all the time, but she had always been miles faster than me. I never thought I would be the one way behind, I had thought it would've been Roxxane, I guess I was wrong. I ran a little faster and faster trying to catch up with them, and when I finally did I was in between them. Riko looked over at me and pointed to the twelve buildings, "Every morning, Demi, we go to the 8th building. We go to the 8th building until we go to 9th grade, then we go to the 9th building. It works like that and we should just get used to it, alright? That's our school. While you were with Toya, or whoever, Roxxane and I got a tour from some guy named Drew. He showed us around the school, and introduced us to some... Gods-"

"Wait," I started, "What do you mean, 'Gods'?"

Roxxane had stopped running, and I was still running, but then they both stopped and walked casually, so I stopped too, looking like a dumb ass. "Well, you see, we're not... normal, Demi. Our parents didn't die. Our parents weren't filthy rich humans. We're very different."

"What are we then?" I asked, touching my golden hair.

Riko yawned, "Roxxane and I are half-god half-human. Well, I think Roxxane is. Hers is complicated. So is mine, but mine's simpler to understand. Drew didn't tell us what you were; he said that was Toya's job. By the way, who's Toya, and why the Hell do I hate him so much? I haven't even met him but I already don't like him."

"He's my childhood friend. He left without saying good-bye on my 11th birthday. That year, entering 6th Grade, I started hanging out with you guys. So, even though it hurt, I guess him leaving wasn't all that bad. He's two years older than me, he's such a smartass sometimes and that gets me mad." I told them, hardly giving my words a story, or a voice, or anything of such interest, just monotone.

Large double doors, like the doors of a castle, opened up. The doors were gold and silver, much like the other ones that were also open. There were twelve doors open from each of the twelve schools. We squeezed through the doors, yes the doors were large, but there were thousands of people going through the same doors. And I'm not kidding. There were thousands of people trying to get into the school. I wasn't even sure it was the right school until I saw kids the same age as us. "Is this the right school?" I asked Roxxane.

"Yeah," Roxxane pointed it all out, "See? The number eight is on the side."

I looked around, it was the truth. The number 8 itself was on both sides of the wall. The wall was pure toper and felt soft to the touch. The roof was the same toper stone, but a little rougher so that rain couldn't seep through. The floor on the other hand was carpet, odd; in most middle schools it was floor. But the floor was carpet with another carpet on top of it. The carpet on top of it was a giant, Victorian 8. It was quite beautiful, I admit. I would've enjoyed very well staying there forever just staring at the carpet itself. But, I couldn't! There were more things that were probably just as beautiful as it. I was right! Instead of lights there were fire burning posts on the wall.

I stared in awe, and would've stayed there too, looking at the portraits on the wall and looking at the arm-less statues of Greek-making, if hadn't been for Riko and Roxxane grabbing either one of my arms and dragging me along. I wasn't one that liked art that much, but I was one that loved to describe things through my eyes, they described it through theirs, but I indeed was the one that loved to see something in the art.

Riko and Roxxane rolled their eyes and Riko began to talk, "Come on, Demi. We have to go to class."

"Alright." I managed to tear my eyes from the hallway of the school, and actually look around at the rest. The doors where we had come through were beautiful and interact in designs, and I couldn't help but stare in awe, wondering, who was able to make such beautiful doors. Too much for words, really. And, even if I had a dictionary in hand, I would not be able to describe every detail of the doors, not even a single detail if I tried. I followed Riko and Roxxane through the hallway, as well as a bunch of other students that were going in the same direction. Though, others were going in the other direction, crowding one another just to get through. Then, more people rummaged through. Except they were all tall, well built, and beautiful with glowing auras, and faces... Oh the faces were amazing. There were faces quite old with beards, and there were faces with no mistakes and pure beauty. There was a woman; she was tall and shaped like an hourglass. She had a good-figure, and a very well built body. She wore a floor-length hot pink tunic, sleeveless, and her face was perfect. Free of blemishes, and free of scars. It made me wonder how such a woman could look so beautiful, because I knew for a fact that she must've been quite old. I could somehow just tell. Her hair was a lot like mine, long and a curly golden-blonde. The problem with her was that she had every male on her tail. No, she didn't have a tail, but the men that had also come, old and young, were at her pink heels with smiles on their faces.

Her hair was braided; too, did I forget to mention that? Her hair was braided to the back, over her head, and the braids made a golden heart. She was really beautiful. Her aura was a super-hot pink, and no matter what I did I couldn't stop from staring. She had bigger breasts than Double-D breasts. And, I had always thought that such big breasts would make a woman look old, but on the contrary, they made her look more beautiful. It may have been possible that I was a bit jealous... Just a bit. I would've been more jealous to, because of this part. A bulk-man. And when I say bulk I mean more muscles than Hulk. Yeah. Well, he was beside her. His skin, unlike hers, was scarred. Hurt, cut. He was hard to look at. His skin was a tan-ish color that looked like it had been spoiled in the sun a little bit too much. His hair was spiked to a point, bloody red. So red that... It looked like the blood of more than billions of fallen soldiers. And instead of something suitable, like a tux or something, he wore battle armor. Torn and bloodied, but it was battle armor. His hands were large and looked rough. He had a scar or two on his face. And his aura matched the color of the battle armor and even his hair.

The woman, the man, and ten other people lined up largely covering the way for the students, they were all very tall, 50 feet each and they stood on a platform that seemed to have just appeared. I looked around; we weren't in the hallway that we had been in before. Instead, it was something different. It was a large area, fitting more than hundreds-to-thousands of eight grade students, and they weren't even cramped, you could easily move around and build a swimming pool with the leftover space. It would've been a very large swimming pool. There were chairs and all the students were sitting down, except Riko, Roxxane and I, who were standing like dumbfucks. When we realized everyone was sitting we did too. The (teachers, I think) were up on a platform a couple feet higher than where we were sitting. They shrunk a little bit now, until they were each around 15-18 feet. A man came up to where a microphone was, and began to talk, "We hail you, new eighth graders. We, as it has always been, will be your eighth grade teachers. I'm the Principal," He paused, giving anticipation to what he was saying. The man wasn't exactly old. He had a white beard, but he also had a full head of white hair with a lightning bolt scar on his left arm. His skin was a bit sagging, but wasn't too noticeable for he looked young. "Principal Zeus." He said. "Now, some of you are new here, while others are repeating two grades..." Principal Zeus said, looking around the crowd and locking eyes with someone in the back. I, of course, turned around to see who it was, and only saw Toya. His hair down in his face, looking through his hairs at me. He went to wave his hand, but I turned around, Riko noticed this and whispered, "I don't like him." I looked at her and whispered back, "Maybe I don't either." Looking at him my stomach didn't twist like I had expected. Instead, my stomach filled with butterflies of rage.

Principal Zeus continued, "But that doesn't matter. That's the reason why we're here. I don't expect anything more than discipline from you eighth graders, understand?" Everyone nodded, even Riko, who rolled her dark brown eyes at the same time giving no interest. Did I mention that his name was Zeus? I gaped. I knew he had said it just a minute ago, but only now was when I was noticing. Only now was when I was thinking of it. Zeus was the mythological King of the Olympians. Or pretty much the first Olympian. His siblings had been swallowed by their father, Cronus, and Zeus had been the only one left. Zeus had been the youngest of his siblings, and the only that had not been swallowed whole by the King of the Titans, Cronus. But the stories much longer than just that. Zeus was raised by... Oh, I don't remember. I'm not a walking mythology book. Well, in the end, the Olympians, or the Gods, beat the Titans, and set free their brothers and sisters from Gaea. But, even though it's a name, there was no way this dude was the real Zeus, was there? It may seem odd, and I think it is. But, he might be the God... Zeus. That would explain the mark on his arm, and his beard, and even his appearance, which struck me as very familiar. Zeus pointed to us three, it surprised me, but Riko and Roxxane stood. Roxxane whispered for me to get up and so I did just that. I got up with them, and followed them up to the platform. I was very reluctant, to tell you the truth. I kept swallowing worryingly. And, I could feel the sweat slowly beating down my forehead. My hands got hotter, and I felt a surge of something. That's when I realized that Riko and Roxxane had never gotten up, that they were staring at me from their seats, surprised and even worried. I was gasping and gaping now, more surprised and more worried than my best friends. Zeus looked down at me. And I looked up at him, "What?" I asked my bravery obviously stupid.

The man that was red was laughing, "Ares!" Shouted Zeus. Again I gaped. Ares was the god of war, son of Zeus and Hera, and probably the youngest of his siblings, and even his half-siblings. Athena had been older than him, as well as Hephaestus, but Athena was the daughter of Zeus. Making Athena and Ares half-siblings. Well, anyways, I was surprised about hearing the name Ares. Of course, I didn't know why I didn't think that was his name. It was kind of obvious, you see. Ares was the god of blood-lust and war, making the red man him. Ares straightened, "Sorry, boss." He said, a peculiar look on his face, like he couldn't help but laugh, "But, sir," He said, "You have to remember, she's my daughter-"

"I'M YOUR WHAT?!?!" I screamed, breaking the boundaries of the once peaceful silence of the area, and I watched as heads looked up at me, Toya's head had been the first. Not like I could care.

The beautiful goddess smiled and turned to Ares, "Ares, remember she's my daughter to." She had beautiful voice. She was in no way a person I expected to be elegant, but more of a person I expected to has beauty and no flaws. She was Aphrodite. I could just tell. Her eyes, they were what told me that she was Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty. They were icy blue, they showed that they had the hearts of many people, and had broken the hearts of more than Ares had killed. I, even though my beauty is like hers, was astonished when she said that I to was her daughter. The bravery must've come from Ares, and my beauty must've come from Aphrodite. Aphrodite looked at me, a smile on her pretty face, "That's right dear girl, you're very special." Aphrodite put her hand on my back and turned me to the crowd. Thousands of eighth graders staring at me. I wasn't afraid of speaking in front of a crowd, not one bit. But, the way they stared at me, those eyes that told me they needed something from me, those eyes scared me. Aphrodite looked at the crowd, a smile on her face; she was so bright and proud. I was nothing like that. Yes, at times I was bright and proud, but never at the same time. It was I was bright one day but I would have no pride. And I would be proud one day, but have no light, just a boring stare the bored others. "Dear eighth graders," She said, "This, is the girl that will set up the New Olympians. Or, as everyone knows it, The New Set of Olympians, or TNSO. She is the daughter of love, born into war. She is the daughter of war, born from love. And she is perfect in every way possible, my mistakes have been erased, her beauty is truly more kind. And, I will soon retire as the Queen of Isla. I hope everyone will miss me. And, I know you all will. But, you can ask my heir for anything." She pushed me a little and whispered to me, "Say something."

I whispered back, "Like what? That I just found out that I'm the leader of some group called TNSO? That my parents are gods that abandoned me and made the only person that has ever loved me tell me lies? Do you want me to tell them that you guys don't exist? That there is no such thing as the New Set of Olympians or that mythology isn't real? Or that my only friends probably won't like me because of what you've said? Do you want me to lose everything? Or do you want me to start over, like I never even met my best friends? Do you think that would help me? Huh? Do you?" My whispering tone had risen, and I was pretty much scream-whispering at her with anger.

She put her hand on my shoulder, "You'll know what to say dear child. Trust me. And what has been done was only for the good of humanity. I'm glad you're alright though. Believe what you must child. Just say something."

I turned around, facing all the eighth graders. I put my hands behind me, covering my black mini-skirt and I faced the crowd, "I'm Demitra. And, apparently, I had been uninformed of the New Set of Olympians. I don't know what the New Set of Olympians is, and I would tell you all I could about them if only it wasn't for my inexistent knowledge on what they are." I felt a tug in my heart; through the corner of my eye I could see Toya. He was mouthing some words, and I was distracted for a moment, looking in his direction. Everyone looked to the back, and Toya started playing with his hair, yawning and acting bored. I could hear boys mutter and girls start to fawn. I ignored it and continued. But what he had said, I had understood. "But, something’s wrong here, isn't there? Something's going on. And, you Olympians need the New Set of Olympians. But what are they supposed to do? You just want to retire you lazy assholes. Or, let me guess, you guys can't control yourselves. You guys aren't able to get along with one another, so I'm supposed to fix that by saving all your powers and energies inside of me. And, let me guess, you guys have used my body for this before in the past. I died from an overload after fighting Cronus with all of my powers. And now you lazy dicks want me to do it again, but this time you want me to succeed so you want me to find these people and put them in a group called The New Set of Olympians. But you don't even know who they are, so you just expect me to send one of my friends out so they can find them, and so they can do it themselves? Don't you? Well, here's the thing, I'm not lazy. I will send one of my friends to discover the Newest Olympians, but she (or he) will only have to find them. They don't have to do anything but tell me who and where they are. And, unlike you dumbfucks, I will do the rest of the work. You guys can laze around all you want, I don't really care. But, if you want me to do something, I'm going to do it right. And, this time, I will not lose."

I looked over at Toya, he smiled. All the eighth graders stood, and I walked down the platform, past Riko and Roxxane who were calling out to me, and straight through the crowd to where Toya was. His arms were opened, and he was waiting for me. Four feet away from him I threw myself into his open arms and cried. "I don't know what to do, Toya." I told him.

He combed my blonde hair down with his pale fingers, "It's alright, Dem, you'll know. I know you will. I'm worried you won't be able to hand what's actually going on here. I wish I could help you. I really do, but it's not my job, and they don't let me help you... They don't let me anywhere near you during school hours."

"Who? And why?" I asked him, my icy blue eyes looking at him.

"Your parents," he said, pointing to Aphrodite and Ares, who stood looking at us, "And my dad." He pointed to a man with shoulder length midnight black hair. The man had the same eyes as Toya, completely midnight black eyes, almost like a black hole. He wore a black Greek Tunic, it touched the floor, and his hair seemed to have smoke coming from it. But the smoke ceased when my eyes realized to be on it. He had a small three-headed Rottweiler at his feet. Cerberus. I was gaping. He was Hades. The father of Toya was Hades, the God of the Underworld. "You're like a precious diamond. No one's allowed near you. I bet they'll take you out of your house and take you to the palace instead, and I bet they won't let you near anyone, until you get the throne that is. And, my father doesn't like your parents, and your parents don't like my father. It's the truth. They don't want us anywhere near each other.

I held on to his tunic, and dug my face in his chest, "I'm sorry Toya," I said, "For everything."

He touched my hair, "Me too. I only said that because Raven is blackmailing me. I'll tell you why later. But she doesn't let me break up with her. I hate her guts. She's an emo that bothers me more than myself, but I'm afraid she'll hurt you. I don't want that to happen. I'm sorry." He touched my cheeks and looked into my eyes. He leaned in closer.

"Ooh! What are you guys doing?" Asked Roxxane out of nowhere. Toya and I pulled away, blushing hard, and blinking like crazy to get rid of the blush.

"Nothing!" Toya and I said in unison.

4: School and girls, ain't this going to suck?

Now, I look back and read Chapter Three again, my mouth is dropped open when it nears towards the end, and I think back to what Toya had said, what Toya had mouthed to me that had made me know everything all of a sudden. It's actually really funny... Toya mouthed, with so much attention and discipline, "They're idiots, come up with something." I slowly realized that I hadn't mentioned what he had said, and it was really funny how it just led up to me saying that. I feel stupid in my own way I admit.

The eighth graders are standing, now, and rushing out of the doors, which I hadn't even noticed were there. The eighth graders ran to their classes, Zeus screaming after them. I laughed a little. Riko smiled and said, "We have to go to class, guys."

I nodded, "What's our first period, anyway?" I had a peculiar look on my face from thinking, but I was generally curious.

Riko coughed, "Beauty..." She muttered.

Roxxane looked at me, her black eyes on me, but they seemed joyful, "Yeah, Riko and I are going to fail this class."

I nodded, and gave her one of my playful looks, and said, "I know sweetie, I'm sorry." And then just as Riko and Roxxane laughed, so did me. It was pleasing to see my best friends laughing. It made me happy.

Toya looked at me, "You're going to have to talk to your mother."

I looked over at him, I had almost forgotten he was there, and he had realized that, "What do you mean, Toya?" I asked my eyes on him.

Toya showed me a schedule, it had my name at the top and the classes below it, twelve classes in total, "Your first period is beauty, your mother is the teacher for that class, see?" He pointed to the first period class, which said beauty, than slowly moved his finger to the numbers beside it (the room number), and then again pointed to something beside the room number, it was a name, and the name was Aphrodite. Above Aphrodite's name it said Teacher. Of course, I thought.

Toya handed me the schedule and I looked at the classes. First period was beauty, Second period was war, Third period was marriage and children, Fourth period was health, Fifth period was arts/music, Sixth period was agriculture, Seventh period was reading/English, Eighth period was gym, Ninth period was math, Tenth period was... death?, Eleventh period was science, and Twelve period was hunting. I didn't understand what most of the things were, I had no idea what hunting, death,agriculture, beauty, and war were. I didn't understand why they had to teach teenagers that stuff.

'"Do we have the same schedules?" I asked Roxxane. She handed my schedule and I skimmed the classes, and we had all the same classes. I checked Riko's too, and it was the same thing.

We all had the same classes, and I was happy to go to twelve classes as long as Riko and Roxxane were there too. "Is your schedule that same, Toya?" I asked him.

He handed me his, and I jumped in glee. "Perfect!" I said, "We all have the same classes!"

With a happy look on my face, I talked to the girls while we followed Toya to our first period class. I felt bad for Toya. His first period class was "beauty" and, apparently, he's a boy. "So, how'd you know all of that, Demi?" Riko asked me.

She didn't have to tell me what she was talking about, I knew it very well. And, I remembered very well how I knew all of that, I shrugged, "I don't know..." I lied. I had hardly realized that my hair was now curled. I had sworn it was in pigtails that morning, if I was positive, but my hair was curled down now. I wouldn't have realized it either if it hadn't been for the mirror in the hallway. I just stopped, staring in the mirror. The mirror reflected me, but I had a feeling that it wasn't me. It just didn't look like me. At first, it had been my reflection, just staring at me with my icy eyes, but then it seemed to have morphed, changed... differed. I couldn't help but stay in the one place. That's when I realized it. It wasn't me! It was a teenager with dark red hair, which was straightened and let down. And from her hair, two pointy wolf ears stuck out, replacing her normal ears. Her eyes were dark red just like her hair. She wore knee-length shorts in dark red and tank top in dark red as well. Her ears were dark red and her tail was also dark red. Yet, her skin was pale.

I wasn't staring at myself; I was staring at the girl. She was running, running fast through the woods, morphing and changing from a wolf to a girl. Someone was chasing her, at first I didn't see them, but then I did... They were tall creatures, who didn't seem to be running, rather walking after her, but they were all tall and pale, and all males. Roxxane put a hand on my shoulder, and I snapped back to reality, "Are you looking at yourself again?" Roxxane's voice asked, though I hardly bothered acknowledging her face, or even feeling her hand which rested on my shoulder.

"Not me," I said, patient, yet quiet, "I'm looking at her..." I pointed at the mirror, pointing at the running girl, pointing at the things chasing her.

Riko gave me a strange look, "What do you mean? That's you."

I gaped, "That's not me!" I said, pointing at the girl, the girl that was running, the girl in the mirror! I knew it wasn't me, I didn't have dark red hair, I didn't have dark red clothes! I didn't have a tail and ears, yet, Riko said she was ME! I knew very well that that wasn't true. "Don't you guys see her? The girl running through the woods! The one that's being chased by tall figures! Don't you see her?!"

'Riko pointed at the mirror, and it only had three faces. Mine, Riko's and Roxxane's. "It's just us, Demi. What are you talking about?"

I gaped again, surprised by the sudden change, "You're right!" I said, smiling like crazy, "I got you guys, didn't I?!?"

Roxxane nodded, "Ya' sure did, D! I thought you were being serious!"

Riko looked at me, "Alright..." She said.

I knew Riko knew that I was lying, but I was afraid that she would've thought I was wrong. I would've understood that. To tell you the truth, I thought it was fake myself, a mirage. I don't know. I didn't think I cared much either, to tell you the truth. Yet, somehow, it was still stuck in my head. I couldn't help wonder what those pale things were.

I felt someone's eyes on me, I looked up a little, and there was Toya, he was staring down at me, just staring down at me. He didn't seem worried, or scared, or even mad, but yet he was looking at me with that scary intent his eyes. What happened next I will never forget; As we locked eyes I heard his voice, but, his lips weren't moving. He wasn't talking or making any audible noises. And, what I heard him say, made me think and blush at the same time. He said things like, "She's so beautiful" or "I can't get her out of my mind" or "I love those icy eyes of hers" or even "I want her lips to press against mine, I want to see her blush and smile, but not for anyone else, for me, just for me..." That's when I realized that he had been thinking that. He realized I was looking at him and he turned away, opening a pink door, and leading us into a more than pleasurable room.

The room's atmosphere was a beautiful soft pink, and it seemed so well lighted and bright. There were makeup stands and there were girls braiding each other's hair. My eyes lit up. This was my type of place! Everything about it was perfect! From the pink carpet on the ground that was just hearts, to the pink-painted walls, to the pink bubbles floating around reflecting the faces of the girls and guys and what they would like after a makeover. My eyes turned into those anime eyes, those big happy anime eyes that had bubbles and stars shining from what they were seeing. My mouth was in a huge smile, and my hands were clasped up under my chin together, all in pure happiness. There was make-up and beauty supplies everywhere! But there was nothing messy about it! And there were little faires, tiny little faires with beautiful hair and beautiful skin, and beautiful tiny wings! There were just to many faires to even describe. And they were carrying beauty supplies. Everyone was talking, gossiping, like girls y'know? But the best part? The girls weren't the only ones gossiping!

"OMG, Mike, did you hear about Kristen and Steve?" I heard a guy ask. Yes, I was sure it was a guy, for when I turned around a guy was saying it to his friend, who, I guessed was Mike.

Mike answered, "Oh my gawd! What'd they do!" They had the gayest voices, but they were my people! I couldn't help but go over there and get in on the juciy gossip.

I walked over to their table and sat down, saying, "What'd they do?" I asked, in my gossip voice.

The other guy answered, who, I soon found out is named James, "Well, gurl, so, Kristin was like home sick, and than that lousy Steve went over to Brenda's house, but Brenda wasn't there because she was over at Jake's house, and Jake had Susan over because he didn't know Brenda was coming over, and I have to tell you that Brenda is sooooo annoying! I mean she just goes over to my house when Mike and I are together and we hardly get any time together. She's sooo nosy!" He looked me in the eye and leaned closer, "So, Brenda walked in on Jake, Jake's her bf BTW, and Susan making out!"

"OH MY GAWD!!!" Mike and I shouted at the same time. I looked over at James, "Oh my god, who told you that?"

James looked at me with his dark blue eyes, "Jake told Chrissy, Chrissy told Jacob, Jacob told Bell, Bell told Gracie, Gracie told Morgen, Morgen told Jason, Jason told Kristin, Kristin told Steve, Steve told Mark, Mark told Jade, Jade told Angel, Angel told Scarlet, and Scarlet told me. But, you didn't hear it from me."

I looked at them, "I just have one question."

He made that gay look from the movies, I'm not sure what it was called, "Shoot it gurl!"

"Are you guys gay?" I asked them.

Mike and James showed me their hands, which were wrapped together, "Yeah gurl." They both said. They dropped their hands and got up, Mike first gave me air kisses, and then so did James. We screamed with glee, "YOU'RE A GOSSIPER!" We yelled in unison.

We hugged each other in a group hug style and through air kisses back and forth. Mike and James were just as happy as I was. A gossiper was a group of boys or girls that gossiped during school hours and knew ALL the news about things that happened on or off of school grounds before anybody else. I had been a Gossiper at my old school. Though, I usually didn't share the information that much.

That's when Toya grabbed me by the collar and dragged me along. He said, "You're such a girl." He mumbled something else under his breath about my idiocy and my being of a girl and other stupid stuff that only made me want to punch him. He sat me down beside him, and I looked around for Riko and Roxxane who were sitting next to each other a row behind us, Toya whispered to me, "I'm not going to be stuck with one of the gay guy's in this class or with one of the never-shutting up girls. I only know you and I'm only sitting next to you. Get over it."

I moved in closer to him, grabbed him by the ear pulling him closer to my lips, "I have no problems with it, sweet heart." I bit on his ear, and his blushed. I giggled a little under my breath, but everything seemed to quiet down when Toya was looking at me with the same content as before. He was leaning in, his lips reaching for my own. I was reaching up for his face when a hand slapped the table, and a beautiful face looked down at us enraged. From behind us everyone was whispering to each other, Mike and James whispering something to one another, and Riko leaning in and telling Roxxane something. I wish I had known what it was. It had an importance to the story, I just know it. I looked up at my mother, who, was now at the front of the class. "Hi everyone. I'm your beauty teacher. It does not say it in your schedule's but I am also your love teacher. Hope that change is alright with everyone. Now, let's begin. Your first assignment of the year is to finish desgining your tunics. As everyone knows, your tunic is the color of your aura. Whenever you move in to your house, on your bed, lying there with a note, is your tunic. The tunic is always your favorite color, and it's always the color that made you happy, sad, or all at once. Today we will finish designing your tunics. We will customize, and even re-design your tunic in your own way. You will also be asked to make a makeup pallet to match your tunic, for those of you who aren't into the tunic bussiness, or for those who would like to do both. You can choose between the makeup pallet and the tunic, but either one must be turned in by Friday this week." Aphrodite looked around the class, "You can pick a partner but you both must do the same thing." Aphrodite said the final words, "Begin."

I turned around, "Rox, you mind if I partner with Toya? You know he might as well fail this class if I don't help him. I'll help you guys too, I know you guys would fail without me."

'Roxxane laughed, "It's true. A'nd, yeah, it's cool you guys can be partners. Riko and I'll just partner up."

I turned around and looked at Toya, "Do you want to make the makeup pallet or the tunic?" I asked him.

He didn't even think about the answer, "The tunic." He said it so fast that it surprised me. I had had my mind set on creating a makeup pallet for myself, but if Toya wanted to make the tunic, that would've been fine with me.

I looked at Toya, "But I never got a tunic on my bed with a letter."

It appeared in my hands, and made me wince quickly. It was a sleeveless Greek tunic in pure gold with a golden rose in the middle of it's breasts holders... And, there was a letter. The letter was bound by a rose seal, and I opened it slowly. The letter read as following:

Dear Demitra,

You are the Charter Goddess, the goddess of everything. You are the perfect creation of two Gods. Your birth was no mistake young Demitra, it was meant to be, and hopefully you will except this gift. It's your training tunic. It's pretty much your first level tunic. As you get older, and more experienced the tunic will change on it's own, along with your appearence. With each level that you pass the tunic that you are wearing will change and so will you. There is a level where you earn a mermaids tail and your tunic turns into a sea-shell bra, and there is another level where you morph into a fairy, you'd earn fairy wings that change color, and your tunic changes to the prettiest thing! I'm getting ahead of myself. The rules state that each student is allowed one month of free clothing on the first month of school, the rest of the year you MUST wear the tunic. Change into this when you get it.

With Love, Aphrodite.

I stared at the tunic and back at the letter. I was wondering when I would be able to switch into it, and then, as if understanding my thoughts, there was a golden flash of light and when I blinked, I was in the tunic, "Hey," I said to Toya, "How did I switch into this?"

Toya looked at me odd, like he didn't uderstand, "What do you mean? You've been wearing that all day."

I gaped, blinked, and then made a smile cross my face. "That's right." I told him.

Toya got up, and walked me over to some mannequins, I hadn't noticed until now, but everyone (that was standing around mannequins) were wearing white tunics. I hadn't seen anyone change into tunics, and was surprised by it. I walked over to Mike and James, "When did everyone change?" I asked them.

Mike answered, "50 minutes ago, the beginning of class. Class is over in," A bell rung, "Now." Everyone was scurrying out of class, Roxxane and Riko met up with us, "Apparantly," Roxxane started, "We're supposed to finish either in class or at home."

"And," Riko said, "Apparantly each class is 55 minutes long, and we have an extra period of seven minutes to get to our other classes, go to the restroom, or anything else. I bet you that if you go to the restroom you'll see a large amount of Aphrodite girls."

I looked over at her, "Alright. Let's see!" Toya led us to the nearest female bathroom and directed us in, he had stayed outside, waiting.

The bathroom was nice, the floor, which was usually tile, was a pink carpet, and the mirrors, which were usually just on tiles, were on a pink wall and made fit perfectly around mirrors, and the sinks, which were usually just white, gross, and nasty things, were painted a beautiful hot pink and looked like it had been put there 10 seconds ago. There were girls everywhere, all either blondes, red heads, or brunetts, all wearing cute fashionable outfits and clothing, from skirts, to tight tight tight tight tight skinny jeans, tank tops, to dresses. They were all very beautiful yet, this made me think twice, "Uck!" One tall blonde said, "Get away! We hate you emo dyed hair freaks!" The tall blonde was obviously the leader, she walked over to me. Her hair was curled and her eyes were pale blue, yet very seductive. She wore a pink mini skirt and a pink tank top. Her lips were a perfect shade of red and her eyebrows were clipped very well. She wore a bucket of makeup, pink eyeshadow, blush, and had even made her foundation paler, yet she was very beautiful. She put one hand on her hip and pointed the other at me, "You know, sweetie, you're very pretty, my name is Sophie Jason, you can be one of my little Preppies. Preppies are pretty girls born to Aphrodite, everyone is under my lead."

I gave her a smirk, "Listen, Miss Seductive, you're no leader. You point out the mistakes of others, but sadly for you, I have no mistakes. You're the only one with mistakes, for people that are mean and think they hold themselves right, are a mistake themself. I'm no mistake, I'm perfection."

"I'm perfection! My mother said so!" Sophie argued.

I just laughed, "Perfection? You? You're rude to my friends, who are more perfect than you could ever be."

Sophie gave me a death stare, "Oh, I know who you are, you're Demi. The new girl. Well, this is my school, and I will make your time spent here miserable."

I looked up at her, a smirk on my face, "Oh sweetie, that'll be my job."

Riko, Roxxane, and I walked out of the bathroom, Roxxane looked over at me, "That was," She paused, "Surprising."

I shrugged, "I'm a gossiper and all, but I hate girls like her."

"Girls like her?" Toya asked, bewildered.

I nodded, "I hate girls that are beautiful but are horrible on the inside. I mean, what's the point of being beautiful if your heart is cold, and you insult people? What's so good about that?"

Toya smiled, "I remember, sometime ago, when you were..." He laughed, "When you were in your teens, you said," He smiled, "You said 'I'm not perfect, I just don't make mistakes.'"

I looked at him, "When did I say that?"

He had a smile on his face, "You didn't. The first Demitra did."

5: We see something out of the ordinary (ooto)

Our second period class was war, and the moment we walked into class we were greeted by a sword thrown at our heads. Toya caught the sword before it hit anyone and he tossed it back at purple haired Raven. Raven made a face as if she was growling, and I laughed.

There were no chairs anywhere, yet the class was inside. Ares walked into the class and everyone quieted down.