Being an admin is a serious position. There are a total of ten allowed admins, if the population of the wiki gets larger more people will be asked for adminship. This page is regarding the rules of being an admin and the signing up for being an admin. Follow all rules and procedures to be excepted as an admin, also you must be a long contributing member.

  1. You must have contributions to the wiki and you must be capable of making/adding categories.
  2. You must be trustworthy, honorable, and will not in anyway lie to the founder or bearucrat.
  3. You must be capable of adding User Categories.
  4. You must not edit pages unless authors ask you to do so.
  5. Only delete a page if; It has pornographic material or any other material that the rules instruct not allowed, the author has asked you to, OR because you find it insulting in someway, remember if you find it insulting leave a message on one the founder and bearucrat's talk page telling them why you are deleting it.
  6. You must be able to handle large responsibilties set by the founder and bearucrat. At the bottom of this page, the links to the founder and bearucrat's pages are placed.
  7. You must place a request to do so, our founder or bearucrat will get back to you once they think that your application is acceptable.

This wiki is growing, and the fact that we need more admins is only half of the reason why we're here. You see, the reason for this page to be up is for everyone to know that, on here, we do have an order. Not only do we have rules like the real world, but we also have the police fixing it all. Remember, it's a fun place, but we still have our personal "police" surfing it for mischief.- Article by User:Perfect Dreams (bearucrat of My Writing is Awesome wiki)

User:Beautiful Flower (founder and chief of My Writing is Awesome wiki)

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