My wedding will be the wedding that no one will forget. It was the wedding of the century. If you read my stories before, you should know who I am. If you don't, I'm Bloom. -.- Glad you remembered.

This time, it's not about what's going on with my life. This is about my wedding, and how no one will ever forget it.The day started off perfect. Then, things went wrong.

It was about mid-day, and I was getting ready. I had my mother and my sisters helping me. It took a lot off work, considering that everything had to be perfect. Or said my sister, Aphrodite.

"Seriously. Guys, not everything has to be perfect," I said.

Aphrodite dropped everything she had and looked at me.

"Are you even my sister? Everything has to be perfect. EVERYTHING," She said.

"Okay, but, this is, like, too much, Aphrodite," I said.

She glared at me and I just kept quiet after that. Well, I had to hand it to her. Everything was perfect. I felt like it was.