The cold abyss ia a dreadful place to be on your most special night of your life. Especially if you're alone. I thought I wasn't going to be seen ever again. I thought my boyfriend was gonna move on a date the on that put me here. I was left here to die. Someone was over me. Before I figured out who it was, I closed my eyes. Before I go any further, I will tell you everything from the beginning. It was a typical day here in Milaria. Sun shinning, birds singing, animals playing, and the ocean was blue. I was sleeping. Dreaming of me and my boyfriend, Tyler. Tyler is a vampire. A really, really hot (capitol H.O.T.) vampire. I was woken up by my stupid father, Zeus. I'm sorry. I forgot to mention my name. My name is Bloom. I am the daughter of Zeus and Hera. I am their only child. I have back length fire-red hair, with black highlights. I have ocean blue eyes. I am 5'7. I am 15 years old. I a tan skin color. My favorite colors are black, red, blue, and gold. My favorite outfit is a red shirt, black and gold jacket, my blue super skinny jeans, and black tennis shoes. My favorite animals are dolphins. Anyways, before i was woken up by my father (I think), I was dreaming of Tyler and I sitting on a blanket at the beach. Before anything else happend, lightning struck. I woke up gasping for air. I jumped out of bed and ran tomy window. Lightning didn't really strike. I must've been imagining it. I walked to my bathroom to brush my hair. When I put my brush down, I had a feeling like someone was watching me. I looked in the mirror. I could've sworn I saw someone or something there. There was nothing there.

"H-Hello?" I was trembling. "Is someone there?"

"Only the most important man in your life," Tyler snuck up behind me.

I gasped as I turned around.

"Oh my god! You almost gave me a heart attack!" I hit his chest.

"Aw. I'm sorry," He putted his arms around my waist.

Tyler likes to scare me. He's 6'8. He wears a black T-shirt, blue jeans, and black tennis shoes (no! He isn't emo!). He has black hair and brown eyes. I love his smile! Whenever I get mad, his smile always calms me down. He knows that. Tyler is an only child, like me. He doesn't have an annoying twin brother or sister. If he did, I would kill myself. Tyler is sweet, kind, gentle, quite (most of the time), and only smiles once a day. If he had any siblings, they wouldn't be anything alike.

"You are funny, but you still almost gave me a heart attack," I looked up at him.

Tyler pressed his lips against mine. I led him back to my bedroom. We wrere laying in my bed. We were facing each other. Tyler slowly moved his hand through my hair and down my face. When his hand got to my cheek, my eyes were closed.

"Sleep tight my love," He kissed my forehead.

I smiled and then I was in a deep sleep. I stopped smiling and started sweating. I was having a nightmare. I was in my favorite red dress, dancing with Tyler on our wedding night. The next thing I knew, it was dark and my dress was ripped. This girl named Katie, was looking at me. She was laughing evilly. She said that now I'm out the way, she can have Tyler all to her self! That was when I woke up in a cold sweat! Tyler looked worried. He knew when I looked this way, something bad was gonna happen.

"What? What's going to happen?" Tyler looked really worried.

"Please! Please don't leave me!" I started to cry.

"What are you talking about? I'll never leave you!" Tyler was confused.

"I had a dream," I started to calm down.

"About what?" He looked at me.

"I had a dream that you and I were dancing on our wedding night. And the next thing I knew, I was in the Abyss of Evilness. My dress was ripped. I saw Katie laughing. She said now that I'm out the way, she can have you all to her self," I looked at him.

Tyler looked confused. Then he was mad.

"We better not let that happen! I will be at your side all night!" He was determined to keep me safe.

"Did you forget Tyler?!? When I dream of things like this, they're gonna come true! There's no stopping it!" I started to cry again.

Tyler started to get angier.

"That's a risk I'm willing to take! I have to keep you safe! And if you go missing, I'm gonna find you!" He grabbed my hands.

"Promise?" I started to smile, a little bit.

"I swear," He smiled.

Then he pressed his lips against mine. That's when my parents knocked on the door. I walked down stairs, leaving Tyler in my room. My parents don't want Tyler in my house. If he was, and they found out, my father would kill him. I got to the door and opened it.

"Hi mom and dad," I smiled, trying to act like Tyler wasn't here.

"Sweetie," My mom came in, followed by my father.

"Daughter," My dad didn't seem to happy.

"Is everything ok?" I looked worried.

"No!" My father looked angry.

"Sweetheart, we know about your dream. About what Katie's going to do to you," My mother tried to stay calm.

My mom and I have this strong connection.

"You do?" I was a little surprized at first.

"Yes! And we don't want that happening to you," My father finally sat down.

"I don't want that happening either. But what I dream if stuff that's not what we would think, it's going to happen. And there's nothing we can do about that!" I sat down in a chair infront of them.

"Yes, there is," My mother looked a little worried when I knew what they want from me.

"Break up with Tyler!" My father liked Tyler, but he felt like it was best for me.

"That's not gonna happen! I don't care if you guys like it or not!" I jumped out of my chair.

"Sweetie-" I cut off my mother.

"Leave!" I pointed to the door.

"Bloom-" I cut my father off too.

"NOW!" I opened the door for them.

My parents looked at each other and got up. They walked out of the door and took the portal out of Milaria.

I ran up to my room and slammed the door.

"Woah! that must've been a bad vist," Tyler got up from the bed.

"You have no idea!" I was really pissed.

"Want to talk about it?" Tyler seemed comforting.

"Later," I really didn't want to talk about anything at the moment.

"Well, what do you want to do?" He putted his arms around my waist.

"Take a walk on the beach?" I really needed to get out of my house.

"Let's go," He got our special beach blanket.

We left my house and walked to the beach. It was a long walk, but it didn't feel like it when Tyler and I are together. We were holding hands. We both were smiling and laughing. Before we knew it, we were at the beach. Tyler spread the blanket out. We both sat down side by side. My head was on his shoulder. We were watching the sunset.

"What a beautiful sunset!" I was glancing at the ocean. "It makes the ocean look gorgeous!"

"It sure does!" Tyler had his head on mine.

"I feel like we could sleep out here all night!" I was smiling even more.

"Then why don't we?" He looked at me.

"Don't you have to be back before midnight?" I looked at him crazy.

"Yeah, but, who cares?" He didn't care if he got in trouble with his parents.

"Wouldn't Tory be furious if you stayed out past your curfew?" I was worried what Tory would do if she found Tyler here.

"You shouldn't be scared of her. She likes you, right?" He layed back.

"Yeah," I looked down at him.

"Then there's nothing to worry about," Tyler smiled.

He spoke to soon. Right when he said that, that's when Katie came up to us. Katie is a girly-girl. She really looks and acts like it. She wears to much make-up.

"You were saying?" I rolled my eyes.

"Hey Tyler," Katie was flirting with him.

"We know what you're planning Katie!" I looked up at her.

"And what is it I'm planning Bloom?" She looked irratated.

"You're planning on putting Bloom in the Abyss of Evilness," Tyler stood up.

"No I wasn't!" She looked serious.

"Yeah right! I know you're planning it! I had a dream about it!" I stood up too.

"How dare you accuse me of something I didn't do!" She was lying.

"Yet!" I was was getting mad.

"Just go!" Tyler pointed toward her house.

Katie walked away.

"How did they know?" I heard her say as she did.

"Glad that's over," Tyler sat back down.

"You're telling me!" I sat down next to him.

We laid down on the blanket. We must've fell asleep because the next thing I knew, it was dark. Almost midnight.

"OH MY GOD! Tyler, wake up!" I sat up and then tried to wake him up.

"What time is it?" Tyler sounded really tired.

"Almost midnight. You won't have enough time to get back!" I stood up.

"My mother doesn't mind if I'm out past midnight. As long as I'm at someone's house," He sat up.

"Well who do you plan on staying with?" I looked down at him.

"I was hoping you wouldn't mind if I stayed with you," He stood up now.

"Uh...sure," I felt kinda weird cause he never stayed at my house before.

Tyler folded the beach blanket. We started walking to my house. I was excited becasuse it was the first time he was coming over. I was also nervous. I didn't know what Tyler wanted to do. We got to my house in a couple of minutes. He threw the beach blanket on the couch and followed me up stairs. He went to go change in the bathroom while I changed in my room. We climbed in my bed and cuddled. We fell asleep five minutes later.

The next morning, there was a loud knock at my door. I slowly got out of bed a walked to the door. There was Tyler's mother, Tory. She didn't look to nice.

"Hello Tory. Come in," I invited her in.

"Thank you. Where's my son?!?" She stormed in.

"Upstairs. Why?" I knew where this was going.

"Because, he broke his curfew," She looked around.

"I told him that last night," I went upstairs to go get Tyler. "Let me go get him."

"Please!" She sounded rude.

"Have a seat," I pointed to the couch.

I went upstairs and woke Tyler up.

"What?" He didn't sound happy either.

Is everyone in a bad mood today?

"Your mom is here. And she doesn't sound happy," I combed my hair.

"My mom?!? Why is she here?" He almost fell out of bed.

"She said you broke your curfew," I turned around.

"Great! Now I'm in for it!" He out his pants on.

We walked down stairs. Tory was irratated.

"Why did you break curfew?!?" She stood up really fast.

"Good to see you to mother," Tyler was always sarcastic with Tory.

"Well?" She crossed her arms.

"Bloom and I fell asleep on the beach. When we woke up, It was five minutes until midnight. I didn't have enough time to get to the portal. I said it was ok with you for me to stay here with her," Tyler rolled his eyes at her.

"You know perfectly well I don't want you sleeping with that she-devil!" She was yelling.

"I can do whatever I want! You aren't the boss of me!" Tyler was yelling to.

"What would you do if your father found out you broke your curfew?" She was getting ready to hit him.

"I would leave," He didn't care if his father, Tony, found out.

"Why you little-" She was about to slap him.

I stepped infront of him.

"Get out!" I was angry.

"Fine! But I'm taking my son with me!" She grabbed his arm.

"I'm not going anywhere with you!" He tried to shake her hand off.

"Oh yes you are!" She tried go control him.

"Just leave with or without him!" I wanted her out of my house.

"I'll leave without him. Don't expect to be welcomed home! Cause you are officially kicked out!" She slammed my door.

"Well that was not pleasent!" He locked the door.

"No it wasn't. She's never welcomed in my house ever again!" I stormed upstairs.

"Why so irratated?" Tyler tried to look sweet.

"It's your freaking mother! I didn't want her to come in my house! I had to cause She was gonna keep on knocking on my door! I just wanna leave this stupid island! I wanna move somewhere! Where we can be in peace and your mother can't find us!" I flopped on the bed.

"Then why don't we? We can move to a different part of the island. We can start a family and with no worries," He pointed to the other side of Milaria and smiled.

"You're kidding right?" I choked.

"No! I'm not kidding. You know you want a family too," Tyler hugged me around my waist.

"Yeah, but when I'm older, like when l'm 25 years old! I'm only 16! And so are you! I'm not ready!" I released his hands.

"I know! You always say that!" He rolled his eyes.

"Because it's true! I have no problem living with you, but we are too young to start a family!" I turned away.

"Bloom-" Tyler grabbed my shoulder.

"No Tyler! You and I are too young! Period! Now just go!" I pointed to the door.

Tyler followed my fingure. He went to the door and left. I slammed the door after him. I stood there with my back to the door. My eyes teared up. I ran upstairs and flopped on my bed. I was sobbing. The I remembered what my mother told me. She told me to grab my ipod and listen to Criminal. I grabbed my ipod and turned it on. Right there is the song I left off on. Criminal. The music started and I started singing along.

"He is a hustler. He's no good at all. He is a loser, he's a bum, bum, bum, bum. He lies, he bluffs, He's unreliable. He is a sucker with a gun, gun, gun, gun. I know you told me I should stay away. I know you said he's just a dog astray-ay-ay. He is a rebel with a tainted heart. And even I know this ain't smart. But mama I'm in love with a criminal. And this type of love isn't rational, it's physical. Mama please don't cry, I will be alright. All reasons inside. I just can't deny. Love the guy. He is a villian of the devils law. He is a killer just for fun, fun, fun, fun. That man's a snitch and unpredictable. He's got no conscious, He got none, none, none, none. All I know, should let it go, but no. 'Cause he's a rebel with a tainted heart. And even I know this ain't smart. But mama I'm in love with a criminal. And this type of love isn't rational, it's physical. Mama please don't cry, I will be alright. All reasons inside. I just can't deny. Love the guy. And he's got my name, tattooed on his arm. So l guess it's okay. He's with ,me. And I hear people talk. Trying to make remarks. Keeps us apart. But I don't even hear. I don't care. 'Cause mama I'm in love with a criminal. And this type of isn't rational, it's physical. Mama please don't cry, I will be alright. All reasons inside. I just can't deny. Love the guy. Mama I'm in love with a criminal, And this type of isn't rational, it's physical. Mama please don't cry, I will be alright. All reasons inside. I just can't deny. Love the guy," The song ended and I was calm.

I turned off my ipod and setted it on side table. The doorbell rang and l slowy walked to it. At the door was Tyler. I looked surprized and shocked. My mascara was running. He grabbed my arms and pulled me closer to him. He gentley pressed his lips against mine.

"I'm so sorry," Tyler looked worried.

"Me too," I hugged him.

Tyler, once again, pressed his lips against mine. I smiled and hugged him again.

Tyler picked me up and placed me on my bed.

"I meant what I said, about living with you," I smiled.

"Really? Do you wanna start looking for houses now?" He sat down next to me.

"Yeah, but I need a shower first," I was disgusted.

"Yeah me too," He laughed.

I took my shower first, still thinking about that dream l had. I just can't believe she would go that far, and lied about it! I should've knocked her teeth out right then and there! She's so lucky Tyler was there! Otherwise, she would be dead! When I got out, I had totally forgotten about the whole thing! Tyler was shirtless. It made me stare in awe. He walked into the bathroom. I closed the door. I went to my closet and got out my red T-shirt, my gold bra, my blue super skinny jeans, and my black tennis shoes. I had gotten a couple of clean clothes for Tyler. I dried my hair and straightened it. Then, I let Tyler dress in my room. I was in the kitchen, eating a ham sandwich. I also had a glass of Dr. Pepper. Tyler came downstairs. His hair was still wet. He looked so adorable. Anyways, he put his shoes on.

"Ready?" Tyler opened the door.

"Yep," I walked out.

We spent all afternoon looking for houses. We finally looked at this gorgeous house! It was new-like just built-and it was cheap! It was like $150 dollars. I was inlove with it.

"I want this one," I turned around to him.

"Yeah. It's pretty nice. We'll take it," He told the house salesman.

"Okay, Just sign here and it's all yours," He got out the papers.

Tyler and I signed it and bought the house. We moved all of our stuff to the place imediately. We were so happy. We were also exaughsted.

We just flopped on our bed. We looked at each other and smiled.

"I'm exaughsted!" I laughed.

"No kidding! I'm totally wiped out!" He moved his hair out of his face.

"Yeah," I yawned.

He leaned over and kissed me. It was a long kiss. It was so sweet.

"I'm so happy I got away from that old house! Also, your mom won't be any where near my house!," I smiled.

"Yeah, me too. That old hag was getting on my nerves!" He rolled his eyes.

"Tyler! That's your mother!" I sat up quickly.

"So? You would say the same thing!" He sat up too.

"No I wouldn't! That is your mother! I don't disrespect any of my boyfriends' mothers! No matter how horrible they are!" I started to yell.

"I'm different! If you say anything rude about my mother, I don't care!" Tyler yelled to.

"We are done talking about this," I tried to sound calm.

We layed in bed and eventually fell asleep.

Tyler was acting weird the next day. Which is suspicious, because it's my 15th birthday today.

"Good morning," I just woke-up.

"Hey babe," He was walking around trying to find his shirt.

"Is there anything you wanna say to me?" I smiled.

"Uh, not really," He putted his shirt on and left the house.

I couldn't believe it! My own boyfriend forgot my own birthday! We've been dating for 2 years. Am l crazy? I checked my calander on HIS side of the bed. It was my birthday. I know he checked the calander. It was right there infront of him. He always checks the calander. Was he planning something? Or did he really forget? This was all crazy! It didn't make any sense! I walked downstairs. I didn't see anything but a note in the fridge. It said, "BLOOM, AT 3:00 COME TO THE BEACH. IT'S URGENT." I wonder what it was. Did he want to break up? Or did he plan me a brithday party? It was hard to tell. I changed in to my favorite outfit and walked out the door. I didn't see anybody anywhere. I was beginning to wonder if everyone was avoiding me. I went to my best friend, Jane's house. I knocked on the door. She answered it.

"Hey Bloom. Happy Birthday," She smiled.

"You're the only person who remembered and isn't avoiding me," I walked in.

"Why? Did Tyler forget?" She sat down.

"Yeah. And he's avoiding me!" I sat down to.

"Why would he do that?" She looked like she was hiding something.

"You tell me! Are you not telling me something?" I just know she's hiding something.

"No! Why would I hold something from my best friend?" She was cracking.

"You're lying! I can tell! What are you not telling me?!?" I was getting really pissed off.

There was a moment of silence.

"I can't tell you!" She broke the silence.

I just walked out of there. I just want to know what's going on! Tyler, Jane, everyone was acting suspicious. Well, it was 2:30, just like that. I was walking everywhere. I decided to go home. I passed the jewlery store. I saw someone in there. It looked just like Tyler. I couldn't make it out. I just kept walking. Well, I got to my house twenty minutes before 3:00. I took a shower. I decided to curl my hair instead of straightening it. Atleast I'll look different. That makes me feel better. I just wore what I usually wear. Then, I noticed this cute new outfit I had bought last week. It was like a dress. I don't feel like getting into details. 3:00 hit. I sighed and walked out the door. I was getting ready to hear what Tyler wanted to say. I was thinking about that. Then, I had a vision. I can't tell cause it's too long to describe. Anyways, I got to the beach without thinking about what was going on this morning. I went to my favorite beach spot. A boulder, a very special boulder. That's the boulder Tyler asked me out on. I turned around. That's when my whole face lit up.

"Happy birthday, Bloom," Everyone wasn't avoiding me!

They were just planning me a surprize party. Tyler came up to me.

"Happy birthday angel cakes," His lips pressed on mine.

"Thank you everyone," I smiled. "This is a surprize! I thought you all were avoiding me."

I was blushing so freaking bad!

"Please! Who would possible want to avoid you?" Tyler smiled.

"Yeah! You're, like, irrasistble!" Jane laughed.

I was still mad at her for lying to me. She did the right thing though.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Lets party!" My father shouted out so freaking loud!

"Dad!" I was blushing even more!

"Sweetie, you can't blame him," My mother smiled. "Happy birthday Bloom."

My mother had gave me my present.

The party went on for hours. My cake was a statue of me! That was impressive. There were ice sculptures of me, balloons with my face on them, everything was me themed. Now my presents, they were the newest, hottest things ever! I got a new phone, new dresses, new shoes, new clothes, even an apology from Katie. She said that she was planning to kidnap me, but she doesn't want to hurt Tyler. She was going to stay out of our lives for good. Now, that's what I call a good birthday present. That was what my vision was all about. My cake was amazing! Aslo, very delecious! Sadly, my party ended and everyone went home. Tyler and I stuck around to clean up the mess. When we were done, Tyler took my hand and led me to our favorite spot on the beach.

"What are we doing up here? I thought we were gonna go home after we cleaned up," I was smiling too much today.

"You'll see. Just need to wait for the perfect moment," He stared at the horizon.

Once the sun looked like it was touching the ocean, Tyler jumped up.

"Tyler, what's going on?" I was curious.

"Bloom, I love you like there's no tomorrow. I always have. You are the best thing that ever happened to me! We've been dating for quite some time now. I was wondering," Tyler got down on one knee. "Will you marry me?"

He was holding a gold ring, with a big (and I mean big) diamond on top.

I gasped.

"Oh Tyler, yes! Yes I will marry you!" I was crying because I was so happy. "But we have to wait until I'm 17."

"That's fine with me!" He put the ring on my fingure.

I jumped on him. This time, I pressed MY lips against his. He has made me the happiest girl here on Milaria. We walked home, smiling the entire way there. We couldn't stop. We were even smiling every time he kissed me. We were smiling when we were sleeping! That was the perfect birthday! My life is almost complete! I can't wait for my wedding day to come! I might even move it closer to my sixteenth birthday.

It was the next day. I was still happy Tyler purposed. Also, Katie was gonna stay out of our lives. It's about time that girl got some sense. Anyways, I couldn't get any sleep last night because I was too happy. I kept looking at my fingure, then at Tyler, then back at my fingure, then back at Tyler. I almost got dizzy from looking back and forth at my fingure and Tyler. Eventually, I walked down stairs.

"Didn't get any sleep last night?" My fiance came down the stairs.

"No. I was too happy you purposed yesterday," I smiled and I wasn't even looking at him.

"Yeah. Me too. I'm still happy," He hugged me around my waist.

"Me too," I squeezed his hands.

"So, is my future wife going to make me breakfast?" He smiled.

"No. Your future wife is going to take you out for breakfast," I smiled as well.

"Oh yeah? Where?" He let go and walked infront of my face.

"It's a surprise," I leaned on the counter.

"Well, when are we going?" This dude was so freaking curious.

"I have reservations for 9:00," I chuckled.

"Well, I better get ready then," He walked up the stairs.

I laughed as he zoomed up the stairs. He just loves to act child-ish. He ran down stairs, with his hair dripping wet. I couldn't believe how fast he was in the shower. I just laughed and rolled my eyes.

"Well, that was the fastest shower you ever took," I looked at him. No. At what he was wearing.

"Tyler, this place is a very nice resturaunt. Can you find something a little better than that?" I couldn't believe what he was wearing.

"Fine!" He ran up the stairs.

I sighed and shook my head. I was all nice and dressed up. I even curled my hair. He was wearing ripped jeans, and a raggedy old T-shirt. That's my boyfriend (or fiance) for you.

"Tyler, do you want me too help you find something nice to wear?" I walked in my room, which was a mess.

"Please," He laughed.

I chuckled and picked out a nice, clean T-shirt and his new pair of jeans I bought him.

"Now hurry up. We have to leave soon," I walked out my bedroom.

"Okay," He closed the door.

He finally came down the stairs, looking better then he did before.

"That's better," I hugged him.

"I hope so," He laughed.

We walked out the door as someone we know walked by. It was Tory. Great.

"Mother," Tyler tried to smile.

"Son, Bloom," She said digustedly.

"Nice to see you to," I squinted my eyes.

"I hope you are happy with what you did to my son. He has never acted like he is now. You had to walk in his life and just change him," Tory gave me an evil glare.

"Tyler acted like this before he met me! Just because he's acting differently, doesn't mean I did it!" I gave her a glare back.

"You did change him! He just came home the day he met you, acting like this," She crossed her arms.

"If you don't like how he's acting, then you can walk right out of his-" I was interupted because I got slapped.

"Mother!" Tyler yelled.

I looked at her evilly. I looked away, smiling and chuckling. I looked back at her and attacked her. I'm glad I did! Someone needed too. She kicked me off of her and rushed toward me. Tyler stopped her and held her down. I got up from the ground.

"What is wrong with you?!?" He threw her on the ground. "I thought you liked Bloom."

"You thought wrong! I only lied too keep you happy, my son! The truth is, I never liked the little demond," She picked herself off the ground.

"Don't call me your son. You are not my mother," Tyler walked too me.

"You were and always will be my son," She dissapeared in thin air.

"Are you ok?" He stood me up straight.

"Yeah. My face hurts though," I was in shock.

"I'm sorry," He looked at the ground.

"For what? It's her who should be sorry," I looked at him.

"I know, but we missed our reservations," He looked back at me.

"Who cares?" I smiled.

He sighed.

"Let's just go home," I grabbed his hand.

"Yeah. That would be better," He chuckled.

We turned around and started walking towards our house. We walked to our room and just layed in our bed. We closed our eyes. Then, there was a knock at our door. I got out of bed and opened the door. There was nothing there but a package. It was for Tyler. I took it up too him. He opened it.

"Well?" I was standing behind him.

"It's all of my things I hadn't pick up from my parents' house," He just stared at the box.

"Who sent it?" I walked to his side.

"Doesn't say," He checked the whole entire box.

I was afraid his mother had figured out that we had moved. I did not want her to come to my new house and causing even more drama! It was not fun hearing Tyler and Tory fighting!

"It's not from Tory, is it?" I bit my fingures, "Because I do not want her coming to my house causing more drama!"

"I hope not," He crossed his arms, "And calm down!"

I dropped my head back. I flopped on my bed. He also flopped on my bed. We turned around to look at each other. He touched my cheek and I touched his. I closed me eyes, cuddling with Tyler. What a lovely life I have!