The girl was beautiful. Beautiful cold eyes. Beautiful light skin. Beautiful long black hair. She looked perfect. Maybe she was, but I remember hearing, Perfect, it's just a word. Yeah, well maybe it's a word, but it's used to talk about people like her, people that did... bad things when others weren't watching. What was her name? You don't need to know.

A small giggle and than a scream, a loud bang and than footsteps. "Come here, my sweet." A tiny voice said.

A little girl was running, and crying, oh, and she was bleeding too. The little girl, the poor thing, her tears were blood, or was that just the blood?

The tiny voice was now angry, yelling and screaming, "COME HERE! I WANT YOUR BLOOD!"

The little girl fell, and she didn't have enough time to get up. Oh, the little girl just wanted to see her mommy, and her daddy, and her little sister, and her older brother. But she had killed them too. No, not the little girl, the one that wanted her blood. The little girl cried into her hands, excepting her undeinable faith, she thought of her family, the ones she had lost.

As the girl was thinking and crying, the woman came from behind, a creepy smile on her beautiful face. She stuck the knife in the little girls back, not giving her enough time to react, and bent over the dead body of the little girl, a cold look on her face.

"My food." She whispered.

"Your youth makes me look beautiful." She said.

"And, now, like your family, you too must die." The beautiful girl said, for her name was Eating The Youth.